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STUDENTS: They're graduating. How do they hook up with a tasty gig, without an "in" at a Fortune 500 company? How do they know that employers are genuinely interested, not only in their skills, but in them, too? What are the real challenges of the job? What are the real benefits? How can they be sure they'll be happy?

EMPLOYERS: You need enthusiastic, knowlegeable young people to bring in on the ground floor of your growing company. You need brain power. Different points of view. Energy and diversity. You don't want to sift through 600 machine-sterilized resumes to find the technically "correct" fit for a digitally defined position. You know better than to believe that human resources is just a numbers game. When it comes down to it, it's all interpersonal.

LET'S ROCK: It's best if you both can discuss your futures in a casual and candid way. New grads can see that even large corporations are not populated by impersonal zombies, and HR can feel confident that campus recruitment is more than finding a kid with fair grades who can fill out a form and pass a drug test.

Employers and job candidates need a space where each can talk candidly about what they're looking for, and why. A place separate from the dress clothes and formality of the traditional job interview. Away from the stack of faceless resumes. Person to person, with no pressure. Casual, candid and straight-up.

Hey, resumes and forms are fine, to a point. The casual, interpersonal discussion, though, is more important than ever to produce quality, fulfilling, lasting relationships between institutions and the talent that will someday manage them.